9 people that got bangs and elevated their look completely












Changing your hairstyle can be traumatizing, especially if you feel you’re making a radical change. And it seems that a lot of people feel bangs are a radical change.

But in each of the following before and after shots the changes are awesome. And it’s amazing that some of these women are still questioning that after the fact.

I wonder if there is some sort of software where you can virtually change your hairstyle so you can get a sense of how it will look. Like how you can try on glasses virtually. If this technology doesn’t exist, I think it really should.

What do you think?

1. She ain’t no pixie!

I did it. I chopped everything off and now rocking a pixie cut. from Hair

What a change! From someone who looks like a complete sweetheart to someone who looks like a warrior. Awesome!



2. Oh, yeah!

I posted a bit ago about whether or not I can pull off a pixie – I think I can! 😀 from Hair

You can definitely pull this off. Such an incredible—positive—difference. And she definitely looks younger.

3. She did need a change!

I finally got bangs after consistently feeling bad about myself the past few years. I needed a change. Here’s to 2021 and finding my self confidence! from Hair

And I think she made a very wise decision. I love the way her new bangs compliment her face. So cute.

4. Adorable!

Got bangs after thinking about it for months! from Hair

Frankly, she looks great either way. But the first is definitely more severe while the second is just so damn cute.

5. What a change!

how would you describe the haircut on the right? from femalehairadvice

Is it just me, or does she look like a new person? The first cut completely drags her face down, and the second rounds it out and makes her eyes pop.

6. Curly girl!

Came here asking if I could pull off a short haircut and y’all were so nice! Took a few months to build up the courage & cut it myself but I did pretty well I think 🙂 from Hair

As a curly girl with equally mad amounts of hair, I can relate. Love the bangs, but I’m wondering if she got it all cut off too. Because I love being able to put mine up. And I always wear bangs.

7. Too bad we can’t see her face.

I love my new cut I just HAD to share from Hair

It’s really hard to make a comparison on half of her face. But it looks like the bangs give her sharper features.

8. Wow!

Before and after I cut and dyed my own hair last night; not sure if bangs suit me, but that’s ok. from Hair

As far as I can tell, her eye makeup is the same. But to me the bangs make her eyes look more slanted and dramatic.

9. Wise choice!


She has a big forehead—a fivehead? The bangs are such a cute look and really compliment her.



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