8 public parenting fails to learn hard lessons from

Parents Carelessness

Parenting is not easy, but part of it is coping up and learning to live with responsibilities like raising a child the right way, providing for the family and working to achieve a bright future for the children. It is definitely not a walk in the park, and with it comes a certain amount of change, discipline and of course, a lot of mistakes.

Being imperfect beings, parents are also not immune to messing up and doing the wrong things. It is all part of life. However, when these fails happen in public, the difficulty of parenting is magnified. These 50 parenting blunders that you are about to see happened in public and whether what they did are unacceptable rests upon your own perception.

1. Movie Theater Mess

Someone is going to have to clean up the kid’s popcorn mess, but it’s not going to be the parents. They will be long gone by the time any of the movie theater employees discover it.


2. Wagon Ride Gone Wrong

These parents were trying to get a picture of themselves pulling their toddler along in a wagon. What they didn’t realize was that the kid had already fallen off the back. He was desperately hanging on for dear life.


3. Loud Sounds

This person was so annoyed by the kid watching a video on full volume in public that he decided to take a picture of it. He posted it online to shame the parent for allowing the frustrating behavior.


4. War Monuments

The veterans can be seen trying to appreciate the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in the park, however, there are kids climbing all over it. It’s pretty disrespectful. The parents just let the kids go crazy.


5. Front Row Seat

Several parents were trying to watch their kids perform at dance class through the window. Then one mom pulled up a chair and blocked the view for everyone else. She wasn’t even paying attention. Her eyes were glued to her phone the whole time.


6. Little Bong

This mom thought it was a good idea to dress her daughter up as a bong for Halloween. It obviously caused some other parents to get a little upset. Marijuana-themed costumes should probably only be worn by adults.


7. Parental Supervision

Here we have a couple of parents watching their kids take down a sign at IKEA. The kids are climbing all over the display. Yet, no one says anything to them.


8. Disposing Of Refuse

This diaper changing mom just tosses the used Pampers outside of the stores. She doesn’t even bother to find a trash can. Someone else can just pick it up and throw it away for her later.




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