7 lazy visionaries and their effort-saving life hacks

People tend to be creative and resourceful when they don’t want to exert too much effort in whatever activity they’re doing. Most may not be really lazy but they also discover this ingenuity in them when they can’t be bothered. But, nothing beats lazy people since they are even better at finding ways on how to make things so much easier for their own comfort.

Just be a couch potato as you check out these 7 photos showing how a high level of laziness makes one a genius.


1. Drinking from a coconut without hands

This is what happens when you’re too lazy to drink from a coconut the regular way. Lazy people should all have drinking straws at their disposal no matter where they go.



2. Heating food by tiers

If indolence strikes, one would be doing this to easily heat food simultaneously. Lazy people cannot wait another extra minute to heat the other batch of food. Hence, putting two plates inside the microwave oven speeds up the process.


3. Instant nightstand

Drinking a glass of wine is made easier with this nightstand. What a brilliant idea for a book to be used as a wine glass holder when you like to have wine while reading before lights off.


4. The new faster and easier way to watch videos from the comfort of your bed

You probably know how annoying it can be when you have to get out of bed just to grab your phone? Well, this kid has come up with a brilliant new method to watch a video on his phone without even having to lift a finger to touch it.


5. Badass security guard

Everyone should take security seriously. Working as a security guard has it’s downsides, though. Why not take a short nap on duty while your poster friends steps in to take your place?


6. Smart lawn mower

Whoever thought of this should definitively apply for a patent. This new smart lawn mower will save you time and effort and revolutionize lawn mowing.


7. When you save money on manicures

Doing nails can be incredibly tedious, not to mention expensive if you often visit your nail salon. Here is the ideal and easy solution to both your problems.



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