10 Things That Are Rarely Seen In Everyday Life

\It’s pretty rare that we encounter something that we haven’t seen before. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to these Internet users.

They came across some really random things while going about their day-to-day lives, and ultimately, decided to share their crazy experiences with the world. From cylindrical-shaped M&M’s to a broken car antenna that looks like a sinking boat, this list has all of our favorites.

It’s pretty uncommon to see these things. However, there are plenty of weird occurrences going on around us all of the time that we have no idea about. It’s both shocking and very cool to think about. Which one of these unbelievable photos is the most fascinating to you?


1. Square Donuts

Everybody knows that donuts are typically circular. However, these ones were formed in squares. They likely taste the exact same as normal round ones, but for some weird reason, we really want to try one.


2. Unshaken Paint

Have you ever wondered why they shake and stir up paint cans in the store before they give them to you? If they didn’t, your paint would look like this. It’s a weird blend of several colors and all of them just appear really gross.


3. Marble Veil

Believe it or not, this famous sculpture is completely made out of marble. It’s called the Veiled Christ. It was sculpted in 1753 by Giuseppe Sanmartino and features what appears to be a transparent veil over the face of the statue.


4. Incorrect Sign

Something doesn’t look quite right about this McDonald’s sign. If you are an avid fast-food consumer, you’ll likely notice what’s missing straight away. It only has one arch!


5. Office Ceiling Inspection

People think that there is just empty space and insulation above the ceiling tiles in the office. However, you might be surprised by what you find up there. Here we have just one interesting possibility.


6. Jupiter’s Aurora

Have you ever heard of the Aurora Borealis? It turns out, Jupiter has its own version of the aurora as well. When viewed up close from space, it becomes very apparent how beautiful it is.


7. Cylindrical M&M

All of the M&M’s in this packet came out shaped in the standard shape except for one. It was the odd one out. It looked like a strange little candy pill.


8. Wall Of Vines

Can you guess what’s going on here? Despite what it may look like, the grass isn’t folding in on itself. There was a layer of thick vines hanging on the side of the building. One day, they simply got too heavy to remain attached.


9. Original Statue of Liberty

When the Statue of Liberty was first gifted to the United States from France it had a copper coating on the outside. It’s all worn off now, however, a talented artist reproduced what it would look like if restored back to its original glory. It’s even more stunning than usual!

10. Flaming Stove

If you take the metal tops off of the burners on a gas stove, all chaos breaks loose. That’s what this photo shows. The flames shoot straight up into the air.




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