12 absolutely bonkers mugshots

When you don’t follow the law and the authorities, then you can expect yourself to be dragged to the police station for some explaining, and if not lucky, you’d be put to jail. When you get your mugshot, you don’t always get a chance to prepare…

There is no time to look good if a mugshot must be taken by the police. You can see people with bruises, black eyes, and distorted faces. Often, mugshots tell quite a story!

But there are mugshots of people that made rounds on social media because they look creepy or weird. Others were wearing a costume. Some have really dirty faces and funny makeup. You may be confused as to why exactly they got arrested. Other times…all it takes is a look into their eyes to see what their particular infringement was. Of course, there are definitely times when they are just keen to not take it seriously at all.

Here is a slideshow of some of the most outrageous mugshots on the internet. Enjoy.


1. Is it though?

This is the worst possible shirt to wear on a day when you get arrested. In fact, you’re probably more likely to get arrested if you are wearing this shirt, don’t you think?


2. He commits crimes for AMERICA

Is it a surprise to any of us that this guy was arrested in Florida? We don’t know what his crime was, but I feel pretty confident guessing his thoughts on his country. Come to think of it, I can also guess his opinion of face tattoos.


3. I’m curious about the hairnet

Sure, the first thing you notice about this guy is his teeth, but I also really want to know the story behind the hairnet. Does he work in a cafeteria? Is it to protect his curls while he sleeps? We may never know.


4. What…is…happening?

Either this guy was caught huffing paint or he was arrested at a Halloween party while dressed at the tin man. Either way, he seems pretty stoked about it.



5. That’s one reaction to getting arrested

I don’t know what is going on in this picture or what this woman was getting arrested for, but that expression is just…actually, I have no words beyond, “What the heck?”


6. That’s quite the getup

Who doesn’t match their hair to their shirt these days? With that facial hair and the furry vest, I get the feeling this guy has an interesting story.


7. Sure, just your friends

This doesn’t seem like the best shirt to wear if there is even the slightest chance you might get in trouble with the law. Judging by his expression, he may have been imbibing himself.


8. Sir, there’s a curtain on your chin

Maybe this guy is trying to make up for the fact that there’s no hair on his head by plastering it all to his chin. Hope he didn’t get arrested on a full moon.


9. He makes interesting style AND life choices

Maybe this guy was arrested in the middle of a haircut. I can’t imagine why else he would have only half his face shaved unless it’s a REALLY bad fashion statement.




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