7 Strangers That Make You Want to Give up Hope in Humanity

Some people are just too full of themselves that they think that they are the center of the world. They do things their way without the consideration of other people. They think they’re so far up that they could simply discard certain rules and inconvenience people.

If you think you have seen the worst people out there, these 7 photos that show how horrible people are might just change your mind.

1. At least put it the right way

There’s only one proper way to put toilet paper in the restroom, and it’s not even hard. Just put the roll in its proper place and you can make the next user happy.


2. Crossword in hell

The one who made this crossword is probably a devil in disguise. Who would even try to find this gibberish in this crossword mess?


3. No one could match up to his level

This guy parked on a sidewalk, blocking the only path for the gurney to get through the helicopter. This person should pay a hefty fine and go to court.


.4. Not a place to nap

The airport’s passenger boarding room is not a place for people to nap. At least wait properly without taking up unnecessary space for others.


5. Not a shooting range

Shooting up signs is very common in the Midwest. Some people pretty much-made graveyard a shooting range. What’s more, they’re shooting someone’s memorial sign.


6. That Doesn’t Go There

Like a toddler struggling to fit shapes into his toy, this person decided that a giant box goes into a tiny trashcan. If you had to put it there, at least make the effort of breaking it down to pieces.


7. Not even funny

For the person who took it up in this section, that person’s brain isn’t probably wired right. Making this sexist joke lacks “intelligence” that it’s not even clever.




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