11 Times Makeup Turned Back Time

Research suggests that there are two main reasons why women wear makeup: camouflage and seduction. Some women apply makeup to look less noticeable. Others wear it to appear more attractive.

Makeup isn’t a bad thing at all. While it does cover skin imperfections, it doesn’t really take away a woman’s natural beauty. In fact, it helps enhance their appearance.

To help you understand the idea better, here are 11 really beautiful women being creative with their looks with the help of makeup.

1. Trying out the new makeup

Before/After of my early Thanksgiving look! Got a bunch of new makeup recently and was eager to try it out. CCW! from MakeupAddiction

This lovely woman did an awesome job in picking her new makeup. The colors are so beautiful. They enhanced her gorgeous eyes.


2. On her big day

My Wedding Make Up before and after! from MakeupAddiction

Her makeup artist did an excellent job, right? Her makeup is so simple yet stunning. Her lips gorgeous, too! It’s the perfect MLBB shade for her.

3. Anyone you want to be

Was listening to the Mulan soundtrack and got inspired! from MakeupAddiction

Makeup doesn’t just boost one’s confidence; it also allows a person to be someone else. For this woman’s case, it’s Mulan.

4. The perfect balance between natural and glam

I did my friend’s makeup for her graduation photos from MakeupAddiction

It’s amazing how her friend was able to apply her makeup perfectly without taking away her natural beauty. She was able to accentuate her best features.

5. Just fresh and beautiful

very nervous to post my face but here is a b&a from tonight 💜 ccw!! 🙂 from MakeupAddiction

This woman isn’t a professional makeup artist. She’s been practicing since she was in high school and it’s clearly paying off. She’s gorgeous with or without makeup!

6. Absolutely beautiful

FOTD Before and after! CCW from MakeupAddiction

This woman got everything right. From the shades she used to her application techniques, everything’s perfect.

7. This makeover

Before/after from MakeupAddiction

Her lip color looks so nice. It goes really well with her eye makeup

8. Always in style

My before/afters, and some others I’ve done from MakeupAddiction

It’s nice how this woman is able to keep up with the latest trend in makeup. She’s clearly getting better with her makeup application.

9. A bit of change

Before and after concealing bruises and scars for an evening look and taking some CC from last time and not doing a naked/just gloss lip for once! CCW from MakeupAddiction

Instead of wearing glossy lips, she chose a bold color this time. And honestly, the change was good. The color looks really nice on her.

10. Like a model

Before and After MOTD from MakeupAddiction

The way she blended everything is just amazing. She definitely knows how to use her fluffy blending brush. She looks like a model with this look!

11. That nose

Boxing day before and after 😊 from MakeupAddiction

It’s nice how this person was able to make the nose thinner and more pointed with makeup alone. This just proves that you don’t need surgeries when you’ve got awesome makeup skills


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